“After university, consenso was exactly the right choice for me. The very nice and helpful colleagues have supported me in developing my skills, thus ensuring a successful career start. Right from the start, and due to the customer proximity and the quick integration into the project, again and again, I have been faced with challenging and exciting tasks that we are mastering as a team. “

Florian Schütte, SAP Consultant

“A warm welcome, helpful colleagues and the familiar atmosphere at consenso make it easy for you to feel comfortable immediately. A motivated team, great team spirit and a broad spectrum of responsible tasks and challenging further training opportunities make sure that it stays that way.”

Jennifer Mölders, SAP Senior Consultant

“Of course, project business is challenging. But the balance is still right here. Nice colleagues and a great working climate that is cultivated. consenso is always open to new ideas – knowing well that this requires investments, not only in technology, but also in appropriate education programs!”

Jürgen Sauer, SAP Senior Consultant

“The working atmosphere at consenso is very pleasant and the good teamwork motivates me every day anew. We are working together in exciting international customer projects.

From the beginning, I have had the opportunity to actively participate in shaping. Challenging tasks in a facilitating environment – this way I can continue to develop at consenso.”

Nora Schawaller, SAP Consultant

“When I was asked 12 years ago if I fancied working at consenso, I was not aware of the essential role that “fancy” would play in the future. To fancy working together with friendly colleagues in a company where “one for all, all for one” is no empty phrase, but is put into practice. To fancy variety, independent work in various projects in a great team. To fancy further development, discovering new topics and new fields.”

André Müller, SAP Senior Consultant

“consenso – that means rapid decision paths leading to a more effective and successful implementation of SAP and trade knowhow in the project business. Individual strengths are demanded and promoted, thus developing each individual further. Assume responsibility while supporting the colleagues – this is how we live team spirit. The long-term affiliation of many consenso employees underlines this and takes us through many exciting projects together.”

Max Hoffmann, SAP Senior Consultant

“To me, consenso means working in a cooperative environment, where we help each other and have a friendly ear for others. Where good performance is demanded, but also acknowledged. And where you can just feel comfortable in the end.”

Christoph Koch, SAP Senior Consultant



in 2000


in 2019


3.4 m.

in 2000

35 m.

in 2019

The history of consenso

Ever since our company’s foundation in the year 2000, it has been our intention to be a reliable partner for our customers based on quality, commitment and transparency. And this has not changed until today.

While the company was founded by Andreas Lorch and Rainer Nolte under the name “global-e-net”, it was renamed in consenso in 2008. The name consenso, Italian for “consent”, is composed of the core elements of our work: confidence, services and solutions. Based on a trustful relationship we offer consulting and developing services for innovative SAP solutions. To date.

Of course, we have changed. consenso has grown. We started with 40 colleagues, and today, more than 200 employees work for consenso. And consenso has become a brand. As an SAP consulting company focused on trade, consenso is an established term in the industry today. We can be proud of this success.

Nevertheless, some things have remained the same. Our customers and employees have always had priority for us. If we continue to manage to see the people behind the tasks and to work in good partnership, we will regard this as our actual success!

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